E-Bros own software products

E-Bros own software products

Retail Hosting

Retail Hosting is a cloud based e-commerce platform for resellers. It automates connections to vendors and resellers own system and creates one entry point ordering flow from end customer via reseller to vendor.

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DB­Mi is an ERP sys­tem es­pecial­ly for busi­nes­ses run­ning high vo­lu­me of goods th­rough their lo­gis­tical chain such as di­stri­bu­tors. The focus is in au­to­ma­ting proces­ses so that user in­ter­ven­tion is on­ly nee­ded in places whe­re deci­sions that can­not be au­to­ma­ted are requi­red.

DB­Mi is the ERP so­lu­tion for F9 Di­stri­bu­tion Oy and Busi­ness­fo­rum Oy

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Fleet management tools for vehicle tracking, maintenance and diagnostics

This is the solution for all transportation and logistics companies. It provides comprehensive fleet management tools for vehicle tracking, maintenance and diagnostics as well as driver-, fuel- and safety management. It is extremely easy to install, to deploy and to use due to its technology innovations. Best of all – it supports collaboration between companies and organizations and thus enable work sharing and joint value-add.

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