Mobile development both native for multiplatforms and platform independently

Mobile development both native for multiplatforms and platform independently

We focus on creating native multiplatform and platform independent applications for enterprise and B2C markets from our customers needs. Our application user interfaces are created to optimize efficiency in data flow and usability and to take advantage of all device feartures. With native development we can produce user interface for a specific platform and thus use all of the device features. With platform independent development we can reach more end devices and users with one software instantly.

Platforms and techniques in mobile development at E-Bros

We've developed native apps for all major platforms: iOS, Android, Bada, WP. Platform independent technologies used are PhoneGap and HTML5.

Agile Scrum based development methods

Agile Scrum based development methods enable us to carry out projects of all sizes and complexity levels. Our teams are easily scaled and all our projects have the same quality requirements despite of the project size.

Examples of our mobile application development

  • SeeMoto Mobile

    SeeMoto Mobile

    SeeMoto Mobile - Track and monitor your assets with SeeMoto Mobile - anywhere and anytime.

    SeeMoto Mobile App provides you an easy way to connect with your assets and all the business critical information in and around assets. You just log into SeeMoto service with the App, get an on-line access to your assets, their status, location and all their measurements. It is a whole new internet - like you would have your business in your pocket.

    Platform: iPhone , Android

  • Travel Reporter

    Travel Reporter

    Travel Reporter - Make your travel reporting easy. Just download the app, enable GPS and enter your email and other (optional) driver info.

    That’s all you need. Press start when you are starting your travel. Press stop when you are done. You will get editable Excel report to your mail to claim your travel expenses.

    Platform : Android

  • - application for browsing and buying content from . Uses standart music/video players functions to play media. Payments are processed through SMS. iPad and Bada versions is developed using custom PhoneGap-like framework for performance enhancements.

    Technique : PhoneGap, HTML5

    Platform: iPhone , iPad , Android , Bada

  • Study Program

    Study Program

    Study Program is a test for students wich helps to choose studies program. Simple points algorithm is used to calculate answer.

    Technique : HTML5, PhoneGap

    Platform : iPhone , Android , Bada

  • FK Ekranas

    FK Ekranas

    FK Ekranas is a marketing app for Lithuanian football team "FK Ekranas". REST API integration for data, standart native video player for episodes from matches and bidding with SMS payments.

    Technique: PhoneGap

    Platform : iPhone , Android

  • TextArt ANSII

    TextArt ANSII

    TextArt is an app for inserting ANSII art images into SMS or email.

    Technique: native Bada platform

    Platform: Bada

  • KobraTV


    KobraTV is an app for local university television "Kobra TV". Live streaming video on device, REST API integration for news and programme.

    Technique : native WP7 platform

    Platform : Windows Phone

  • B2C e-commerce

    B2C e-commerce

    B2C e-commerce app for buying from a retail online store . Payments are processed through bank link. REST API integration with OAuth 2.0 security. Main e-commerce functions: catalog, cart, user login, search with barcode scanner, items comparison. Marketing material and push notifications.

    Technique: native Android and iOS platforms

    Platform: iPhone/iPad, Android, mobile web page

  • Car in phone

    Car in phone

    Car in phone is an application for tracking and controlling cars with custom hardware. Uses custom binary data protocol over sockets.

    Technique : native iOS platform

    Platform : iPhone

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